Website Optimization

A hotel’s website can be its strongest marketing and sales tool.  Indeed, Internet hotel bookings are the fastest growing channels, with hotel’s own websites topping the list.

However, you have to consider whether your website is meeting users’ expectations and converting visitors to customers.

Graphic design and navigation

If your site looks like something from 1999, most users will not be impressed.  Your website is to your hotel as a window shop is to a shop.  If the first impression is bad, they will simply skip your site.

Is it easy and quick to find information on your site?  Web users are known to dedicate very little time to figuring out a site when they look for information.  If finding what they are looking for is not quick and obvious, you will be losing sales.

Photo galleries

Images are near the top on the list of factors that affect customers’ decisions whether to book your hotel or not.  Invest in a professional photoshoot of your property and ensure the imagery is well presented and accessible to your website users.  Images should be of high quality but must load fast.  To enrich the experience, add videos and virtual tours.

Quality of content

Describe your property in detail and provide a list of amenities.  Enrich your descriptions with images.  Describe nearby attractions and provide useful advice to people who are not familiar with the area.  Original and useful content will allow your website to be found on search engines.

Booking engines

Once a guest decides they want to book a stay in your hotel, how easy is it?  Do they need to telephone you, email you or fax you?

Customers expect to be able to book their stay in a few minutes and completely online.  Ensure there is a prominent booking form visible on every page, that allows potential customers to book a stay in a few quick steps.  Rates and availability should be provided in the booking engine in real time.

What we can do for your hotel

Brielsoft analizes the quality of the presentation, navigation and content of websites.  We glean information from web analytics logs and from user testing, to determine where the bottlenecks reside and what to improve.

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