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Google AdWords PPC

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model in which the advertiser pays the host platform when their ad is clicked.

The most popular platforms for PPC are search engines.  Users who type specific keywords or combinations of keywords will see, along with a set of web pages that contain their keywords, a set of targeted text ads that correspond to those keywords.

When done properly, PPC campaigns can be an effective sales tool with a high ROI.

Benefits of PPC

  • Cheap to start out and test.
    You do not need a big budget to test the waters and see what PPC can do for your business.
  • Target specific demographic audiences.
    You can select to display your ads to specific countries, cities, continents or the whole world.  For some markets, you can also choose the sex, age and income level of your target audience.
  • Pay only when your ads are clicked by a user.
    As opposed to most advertising media, the cost of a PPC campaign depends on the number of clicks the ads receive.
  • Precisely measure effectiveness with web analytics tools.
    Website analytics tools can show how many new visitors a PPC campaign brings to your website, how long those visitors remain and whether they convert into customers.  Through analyzing and improving both your ads and your website, you can increase the visitor to customer conversion rate.

Common mistakes

  • Not tracking conversion performance.
    Without web analytics and tracking, you do not know how a campaign is performing or how to improve it.
  • Ineffective ad copy.
    If ad text is ineffective, you will not be attracting clicks from your target audience and you might attract clicks from users who cannot be your customers.
  • Not using negative keywords.
    Negative keywords are lists of words for which you do not want your ads to be displayed.  Through these keywords, you can avoid attracting users who cannot be your customers.
  • Ineffective landing pages.
    Landing pages are where users who click on your ad are directed.  A landing page should correspond exactly to what was advertised and should guide the user to buy your service.  Home pages, for example, make bad landing pages.

What we can do for your hotel

Ad NetworksBrielsoft has extensive experience in setting up, monitoring and fine tuning PPC campaigns for hotels, from the choice of keywords all the way to landing page design.  We cover the most important PPC platforms:  Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Microsoft’s Advertising for Bing.

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