Media Distribution

Media distribution refers to the process of disseminating resources such as images, videos and virtual tours of your hotel to a set of chosen electronic distribution channels, including GDS networks and Internet travel portals.

Why visual content is important

VFM LeonardoIn a market filled with travel offers from thousands of channels, customers rely on the content they find online for making their travel choices.  Producing engaging content and then assuring that it gets properly distributed on as many booking channels as possible directly affects your hotel’s success.

What we can do for your hotel

VFM Leonardo’s VScape system is designed to let you distribute multimedia visual content on the GDS networks and thousands of Internet travel portals, just through one tool.

Brielsoft can manage the process of analyzing your hotel’s content distribution needs, setting up your system on VFM Leonardo’s network and effectively managing your visual content for maximum diffusion.

Summary of Services

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